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5 Film School Projects

Some documentary, short film, and photography projects we're working on at Universidade Lusofona + one from Tallinn University Baltic Film & Media School.

A Day In The Life Of A Writer

December 15, 2008.
This is Antonio Dos Santos. A Portuguese writer who has self-published 3 books. I followed him around Lisbon - for a couple of days - observing what he did, and who he talked to. If you understand Portuguese, he has some insights on the difficulties of being a writer.

You may also want to read my production notes to understand some of the decision I made.

Bellenden Ker

January 28, 2009.

Have a look at the original moodboard and the final results.

We spent some time and money. I have to say I'm pretty unhappy with the results though. Lots to learn still.

Alice in Wonderland

November 11, 2008.

Notes from shooting Alice in Wonderland at Universidade Lusofona.

The essence of Alice in Wonderland is a Choice. As in the Matrix
there is a question what is down the rabbit hole? Choice between the virtual and the real. Possible scenes 1) Alice looking trough (behind) the looking glass 2) Alice choosing to drink the red liquid. Ideology-Reality: being connected and disconnected at the same time. Asking a question? What is down the rabbit hole? Alice in the Wonderland. The Matrix. Asking. Choice. Risk. Doubt. Questioning. Choice between ignorance and knowing. Questioning the status quo. Freedom? Excitement. Looking behind the looking glass.


Makeup: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Alice Experiments in Wonderland: 1 2 3

Examples: 1 2 3 4 5

I compiled a list of words that could be useful for the director to communicate his ideas during a fashion shoot. Fashion Words For use in photography class. Soft. Wawy. Bouncy. Liquid. Fresh face. Rich. Natural. Feminine. Graphic. Gometric. Punky. Pehme. Laineline. Värske välimus. Suitsused silmad. Vaba.

At Home In Europe Portugal

November 7, 2008.
I helped with line-producing and sound recording on this mini-documentary At Home In Europe: Portugal directed and shot by Andre Bossuroy, featuring ERASMUS Citizen-Reporters Axelle Mantini and Ana Rita Ramôa. Check photos from the shoot on Flickr.

More about the project.

Fight For Fun

May 10, 2008.

This is one of the first assignments we did at Tallinn University Baltic Film & Media School. As no one had any time to write a script or hire dancers we ended up improvising with someone's friends. Music rights belong to the Knife. Check Flickr photos from the shoot.

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