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Dear Family

Dear family,

As I’m writing this it’s sunny outside and about -7 degrees. It’s a great day for snowboarding and photography, my hobbies. When I’m finished with this letter I’ll probably go out and have a little walk with my camera. I live in a wonderful neighbourhood with little wooden houses and a park that was built by a tsar of Russia for his wife. Called Kadriorg, it’s located in Tallinn, the capital Estonia.

We have a temperate climate here so days like this are rare. For most of the time it’s cloudy and cold and a bit depressing. We have snow in winter and warm weather during summer so it’s opposite to your arrangement.

I live in a block of flats with my mother and stepfather. They are both active in internet-related work. They are broad-minded people and aware of their surroundings which is why I have had quite a liberal upbringing. I don’t have many responsibilities at home but when something needs doing I’m quite helpful.

Friends describe me as an optimistic, positive and friendly person who thinks creatively and always has his own opinion. Sometimes I can also be a bit ironical and omniscient but I always try to listen to what others have to say.

Philosophically I think time is the most precious thing we have. I’m enterprising and inquisitive but I don’t want to waste time doing something I find has no deeper meaning or positive effect on my or others' future.

I’m also quite a dreamer. I love science fiction and fantasy. I’ve probably read hundreds of fantasy books. I love nature and animals and going trekking or cycling or just simply being outdoors.

My favourite magazine is National Geographic. My favourite music is performed by Rammstein, Enya and Carlos Santana. I’m also interested in cinematography.

At school I like Geography and Mythology because they give sense of the incredible diversity of our World. I like to travel and these subjects are a kind of a substitute when I’m in Estonia.

My adventurous nature is one of the main reasons I want to be an exchange student. The other is photography. I’d say photography is just about the most important thing in my life. I want to become a professional landscape photographer or alternatively a photojournalist. As I know how incredible beautiful landscapes and colourful culture you have, I can’t wait to already get there.

Kris Haamer

PS: You can check out my photography at http://kris.mindworks.ee/


March 8, 2004. An Estonian version of this proposal is what I used to raise money.

A Year in Argentina

Cultural exchange project „A Year in Argentina“

Kris Haamer

+372 56 204 941



In Argentina or anywhere else very different from home one starts to perceive the World differently. Stepping out from the grey of everyday ones vision widens. By seeing the incredible diversity of the World one becomes more open-minded, more tolerant to the unknown. Home suddenly gets a whole different meaning.

It could be said that the stoical inner peace of an Estonian blended together with Argentinean temperament will create a different perspective, a new understanding – a different way of seeing that should be shared with the World.

“A Year in Argentina” is a personal journey. For a year I’ll live in Argentina, get to know the local culture, the people and their understanding of the World and tell their stories with my photographs and letters.

Everything I see, hear or sense will be expressed in pictures as well as in words on my webpage. I want to use the Internet inspire young adventurers. The webpage will also feature a multiple account system so any exchange student from around the world who wants to share his/hers pictures and stories will be able to do so trough my web page. Already I have two exchange student friends who are going to be using this feature. One of them is going to Switzerland, the other to Germany.

„ A Year in Argentina“ takes place in accordance with the Youth for Understanding* exchange program

*Youth for Understanding:



In short, these are the most important goals of the project:

To form an understanding of Argentinean Culture and people and to share this knowledge trough photographs and letters.

To evolve as a person and as a photographer.

To inspire future adventurers.

To give other exchange students a place to communicate and share their pictures and letters.


„A Year in Argentina“ takes place from July 27 2004 trough July 27 2005

The following meetings will take place:


Total cost of the project is $6400 US dollars. $3000 of this is covered by me, my parents and sponsors. This leaves $3400 open for investors.

The budget includes:

The webpage doesn’t take any funding. It’s just something I’m doing as a side project. I included it in this letter because I wanted to show that my agenda isn’t just to receive, I want to give back.


Attachments of the project description:

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