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Elsa Figueira

A hora de justiça chegou.

Posted by PeKaGbOoM ( oficial ) on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Elsa Figueira denounces the abusive man she loves and goes on a quest against violence. Her motto: “What eyes can see, we can change”.

Pekagboom (Writer): With the film we want to inspire women to empower themselves. Violence against the women we love exists practically everywhere and this is not right. We're young people who want things to change. Women shouldn't fall into submission, hide the marks of violence, accept the abuse, as many women unfortunately do. We need to inspire women to take charge of the situation like Elsa Figueira does and show men they no longer have the same abusive power they've held for centuries. This is a cause, and all of us, men and women included, need to act now.

A phrase from the Elsa Figueira soundtrack says “I suffer silently, do everything to please you, and all you do is respond with violence”. But this is not the end of the story...

Katya Aragão (Executive Producer): We're creating a strong female character to inspire women from all over the world to empower themselves. She's kind of our superhero, but the fun thing is she's anyone of us.

Kris Haamer (Director): I met a musician (Pekagboom), who'd written a story about how his mother got beaten up by her husband. From that story was born Elsa Figueira, a fictional character. And over these many months working on her story, Elsa has taught me a lot about violence. It's incredible that in so many relationships one partner is submitted to fear and physical danger (according to the UN 1/3 of women suffer from violence during their lifetime) and usually this goes completely unnoticed by anyone else. With this film we wan to take the #ElsaFigueira character to the four corners of the planet, in various languages. Elsa has a message that I care about. And as she likes to say, "what eyes see, we can change".

Catita Dias (Painter): I'm affected by the violence I witness every day against the people we love. My paintings draw attention to this issue, so we would think think about this horrible reality.

Enerlid Franca e Lagos (Co-Producer): "Elsa Figueira" is a tribute to November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and like with TEDxSãoTomé the goal is to change minds, and through minds, change realities.

The film launches on the Apple App Store and is accompanied by a short documentary where the Catita Dias, the painter, and writer/musician Pekagboom, and director Kris Haamer, discuss domestic violence, and how we can use art to fight against this crime.

"Elsa Figueira" is an original story written by Pekagboom, directed by Kris Haamer, with characters by Catita Dias, style by Katya Silva, produced by Katya Aragão, Ajala Carvalho, Cyrus Farivar, Enerlid Franca e Lagos. The complete Wê team is Kris Haamer, Pekagboom, Ajala Carvalho, Katya Aragão, Cyrus Farivar, Elzo Trovoada, Enerlid Franca e Lagos, Daena Neto, Karlley Frota, Erikson Barroso, Alex-Keller Fonseca, Dio Lima, Edneyse Coelho, Gilberto Ceita, Akaisa Borges, Wilme Dias, Marlucy Bandeira, Katya Silva, Roselyn Silva, Tiamo Veloso, Helena Amorim, Guilherme Carvalho, Vivalda Prazeres, Paulo Jorge Neves, Cintya Gracias, Mery Pinto, Fatima Almeida, Danilo Costa, Nig D'Alva, Dulcineia Barros, Ismael Sequeira, Will Ferlack, Marlene Fortes, Nella Santo, Keila Barbosa, Daniela Coronel Arditti, José Quaresma, Ody Mpouo, Carla Rebelo, Cynthia Tiny, Jasmin Pedroso.

The film is presented in Portuguese with subtitles for a worldwide audience in English, Mandarin, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Love does not justify abuse and violence. What eyes can see, we can change. Let's do this. #16days #HeForShe #SheForHe #ElsaFigueira

In late 2013 I met a musician who'd written the story of his mother being abused and beaten up by his father. That day Elsa Figueira was born — a fictional character suffering from abuse but managing to stand up and fight back. Over the following many months Elsa has taught me a lot about violence. It's amazing in how many relationships one of the parties is scared and in physical danger (UN data, 1/3 of women will suffer violence in her lifetime), and it usually goes completely unnoticed by others. Today we're launching a campaign to bring the character of #ElsaFigueira in 15-minute short film to all corners of the globe, in several languages. Elsa has a message that matters. And as the author of the story says: "what eyes can see, we can change".

Elsa Figueira on Kickstarter.

Media Coverage on Deutsche Welle, STPtv, Voice of America, RTP Africa & More

Hey everyone, thank you so much for supporting Elsa Figueira! You've come from all over the world to back our initiative: Taiwan, Brazil, United States, Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark, Angola, Belgium, Estonia, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, and São Tomé e Príncipe! This only goes to show that this is a film that is relevant all over the planet. We sincerely hope we can make it.


In the meanwhile we've been quite busy behind the scenes and here are some ways to learn more about the film as well as the larger movement this project is part of.

—Katya Aragão (Executive Producer) and Enerlid Franca e Lagos (Co-Producer) talk about #ElsaFigueira on Voice of America (VOA) Português.

Katya Aragão: "Domestic violence is a problem that plagues the whole world."

— Interview with Vivalda dos Prazeres (Volunteer), Pekagboom (Author), and Kris Haamer (Director) on a blog in the Ukraine. "Elsa Figueira Creates Positive Role-Models, Keeps Anti-Violence Discussion Going" — Steppes in Sync.

— PeKaGbOoM at "Bem-Vindos / Welcome" on RTP Africa interviewed by Cláudia Leal.

— PeKaGbOoM (Author) and Marlene Fortes (PR) on a radio program dedicated to domestic violence at "Espaço Radio Bué Fixe" on RDP Africa. "Who is Elsa Figueira?"

— Mario Lopes (PR) talks about #ElsaFigueira at the "Ecos" program on radio Somos Todos Primos recorded in Brasil.

— Mario Lopes (PR) and Kris Haamer (Director) on Deutsche Welle. "Filme produzido em São Tomé e Príncipe fortalece poder da mulher contra a violência doméstica / Film produced in Sao Tome and Principe strengthens power of women against domestic violence".

Kris Haamer: "Our goal is to create a powerful character, someone who would stay with people, so the audience doesn't think about this issue only for the 15 minutes of the film, but the story stays with them for a longer period."

— PeKaGbOoM (Author) and Cynthia Tiny (Translator) represent #ElsaFigueira on STPtv and discuss various aspects of domestic violence in a program titled "Mudar Mentalidades: Mudar Realidades / Changing Minds: Changing Realities) with Abigail Tiny Cosme.

— Launch announcement on Rede Angola.

— Regina Fereira (Actress in the role of Elsa Figueira) and Valeri Andre Menezes (Actor in the role of Dom Pedro) interviewed by ANDIM Live.

Regina Fereira: "I identified with the role of Elsa Figueira and accepted the invitation to show other women that we should not continue this affliction!"

Also available Eesti keeles and Português

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