Generation Z

The Future of Products

We’re now in a generation that is experiencing a sweeping trend that changes how we consume content: across diverse platforms from mobile phones to TV screens, tablets, games, books, and real events that share between them characters and storylines.

Every consumer-facing business today is also in the entertainment business. For attracting an audience the experiences we create need to be increasingly immersive so product reaches us as consumers in all the touch-points that we use throughout the day, familiariazing us with the characters and blurring the borders between devices.

Technology is important but what’s more important is to design for people, bridging online and offline through technology & storytelling — for a purpose that matters.

HAAM is a digital entertainment company. We produce original content to help clients tell relevant stories across media platforms, apply screenwriting to online marketing, add character to presence and dramatize appearance: tell stories to build community through media. Our clients range from architects to food professionals, from feature film producers to professional photographers, from education to museology and environmental activist groups — providing the experience, the creativity, and the technology to provide memorable experiences that people grave to come back to. We select our clients with care because believing in the work we undertake is a requirement for doing our best work.

For the technically minded the list technologies we like use in our work includes the iOS development stack based on Objective-C; for desktop we use Meteor & Node.js; for real-life events we design everything from Yarn Bombing to Comic Books. Our projects are always connected to mobile and web-based platforms but we use these tools striving to create real offline communities of people who share a passion for the experience.

The HAAM Creative Network

We work with a global network of creatives based in Tallinn, Lisbon and Sao Tomé.

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