HAAM Z Division

The Edge.

The player must perform real in-world objectives to advance in the game.

For this to work, the movie must be aware of the watcher.

The project incubated in the X Division include:


StreetCream is a proposed online street fashion publication. Celebrating creativity in it’s most fashionable forms we will use the medium photography to take readers on the streets of Lisbon and immerse them in a world of breathtaking beauty, color, and style. For some the streets are nothing, for some they are the catwalk. You will see what fashion labels that girl is wearing from head to toe. StreetCream plans to start in the summer of 2009. This is a proposal for carrying out marketing research into the preferences of potential StreetCream readers. We will clarify consumer expectations towards the product. This will help us guide the information and product design decisions to attain maximum reader satisfaction.


ArtBART combines public transport and social technology for a collaborative art project. Read through the following pages to understand what this is all about. Or watch ArtBART in 21 Slides.

Public Creativity, on the Train
ArtBART is a game where you paint pictures on the iPad (or any other touch-tablet) and compete who for gets displayed on the BART metro screens. Designed as a collaborative art project for the San Francisco metro system BART involving the Brushes iPhone / iPad application and a system of public LCD screens.

At the time of doing this project I was unsure what journalism or media really meant. So I was inspired by the MIT Media Lab and decided to involve human–machine interaction in my work. The content is being created by humans using software on an iPhone and displayed on screens throughout the ArtBART metro system.


Luvnew is the companion magazine sponsored by HAAM where we interview global creative movers-and-shakers. Read more on LUVNEW

The HAAM Language

Inspired by the Estonian linguistic innovator Johannes Aavik, we like to come up with our own words.

The name HAAM comes from the name of the founder Kris Haamer, the one who haam's a lot.

It means "to create something new and wonderful".