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The Kidnapping

The story takes place from the perspective of a 17-year-old schoolgirl in a series of locations where we can look around but are unable to move.

We're inside a classroom filled with teenage girls. It's a day like any other schoolday. Before the class a math professor is explaining the Pythagoras theorem on the blackboard. Suddenly the light flickers, then turns off. We hear noises from the outside. A jeep approaching.

I can see fear on the faces around me. Someone is breaking down the front door. Heavy, running footsteps. A group of men explodes into the classroom. Yelling, they tell us to get on the ground.

Girls are taken on a truck. We're all taken. They shoot the professor point-blank. My hands and feet are tied. I see a man put tape on my mouth. I try to speak but only mumbles come out. I'm drugged and my eyes feel heavy until they close.

I wake to the noise of the moving truck. It's dark. We're on some bad road as the truck keeps rocking heavily. I can only hear the cries and wailing of the other children around me. On the back of the truck I can see my best friend, still drugged out.

We arrive. It's somewhere in the middle of a forest. All of us get off the truck. Now they're separating us into groups. I see a man taking my friend alone and heading towards a house. I can only imagine what for. I try to get loose and manage to run towards her. I'm stopped by a shovel hitting me in the stomach. I get another hit from behind the head and fall to the ground.

When I wake up, I'm inside some small room, tied to a bed. I can see someone sneaking towards me. There's blood all over her. I now see it's my friend. She unties me. Then signals to follow her. We sneak through the camp where everybody seems to be sleeping. I can see now we're camped on a lakeside. We enter a small boat and she begins to row.

Suddenly the air is full of cries and shouting. They have spotted us. I can hear running and then shooting begins. My friend is hit and falls to the bottom of the boat. I touch her face and can only feel hot tears start falling over my face. She's dead. The only thing I can think to do is to fall off the boat into the water.

I'm underwater. Trying to move my hands still heavy from being tied for hours. I'm surrounted by plants in the darkness of the water. I someone manage to get to a muddy beach. This part of the lake is swampy. There's no-one. It seems I've managed to escape from my captors. Brrr.. brrffff brffff. Something jumps towards my backside. I struggle to escape. It jumps to my thigh ripping it open. I can see the jaws of a crocodile. With the sudden energy of fear for death I leap away from the monster.

I get to a nearby village. There are people around a fire. I'm taken to a village doctor. We are left alone. Holding a candle close he begins examine my eyes. He backs away. I can see the larger than life shadow of his expression of terror on the wall. Slowly, with a somber tone he says I have the Death. Away! Away! Away! he begins to yell. They will burn you here! I realize I am carrying something. I struggle to get from the village. Into the bushes. Where? I can only think to go back to my captors.

They capture me again, easily. I'm already so weak I can barely walk. Before I'm taken back to the girls I fall to my knees. As I try to get up I feel my insides turning outside. I explode barf all over the men. Infecting the lot with my disease.

Before the lights go out, in the last scenes of my life, my eyes turn to blood and I see people around me die die die.

Written for the Oculos Rift.

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