Love For One Day

By Edneyse Coelho

Mariana lives in the northern part of the island of São Tomé, in a small suburb on the outskirts of the capital city called Mother of God. A suburb well known for the way of living and the vivacity of its population. She is beautiful and very attractive in the eyes of many. Belongs to a small family with good financial conditions, consisting of only three members: father, who is called Peter Almeida, mother, Luisa Lomba Mariana Almeida, and Mariana Almeida as the only child, a girl of great sympathy and elegance, standing out wherever she goes.

In addition, the simple and humble young lady, is considered one of the top students in her class, much loved and cherished by all, not to mention the fact that the same be the most coveted by young guys in the know.

On a beautiful day, the beautiful girl rises early, in order to help her mother with homework. Besides the admiration and affection that the child feels for his mother, she immensely likes to accompany her at all times, which makes it increasingly friend and companion of her mama.
 - Good morning mom! Said Mariana, with a beautiful smile for the rest, it shone its good disposition.
 - Good morning, my angel! Did you sleep well?
 - Yes though the night was cold.
 - It is the time daughter, do not forget you snuggle up well. Look at that time and tide wait for no man unawares.
 - Do not worry mom, I 'm fine.
  And there they go the two very amicably, fulfilling their tasks.
  Tidy the house, ready lunch and prepare for the arrival of Peter from work.
  Once he arrives, kissing the beautiful lordships and quickly ready to sit at the table for lunch, as usual.
 - How are the goddesses of my life? - He sais smiling.
 - Okay Dad! How was work today?
 - Daughter, went well, the usual. What have we got today?
 - Today we have a very special dish, because it was the little girl that concocted! - Meets very proud mother.
 - How wonderful! Keep it up, girl.
   After the main course, comes the delicious rice pudding prepared with much love and affection by his lovely wife.
   After lunch, Mariana is already prepared to go to school. As always, have a great day at school, this time for a special reason. In return the range for the class was simply surprised by a mysterious note saying the following:

"Well as iron is consumed slow
When exposed to air, the latent heat
Thus the light of thine eyes kills me,
No you know, this falling love.
I will not tell you who I am
Just know that of many I'm closer.


secret Admirer

Thus arises a major concern in Mariana in discovering the author of these beautiful words, but at the same time, the satisfaction of knowing that she aroused such burning feeling in someone, which she can not guess who.

It happens that appears after your dear friend Michael, for those who have a great appreciation and affection since childhood. Then begin to discuss this recent event, but without success. Try as she may, Mariana is far from knowing that her admirer interesting, is at her side, without noticing.

Mariana can not even imagine what goes on in the head of Michael, but this , just merely contemplate the joy and beauty of his beloved , to find that conquers the heart of her admirer , who does not suspect that may be the his great childhood friend.

The subject is extended on the way home, without the companion as this makes you realize the truth, that is madly in love with her.

After having dinner, a very cheerful league her friend Mariana Sicily, to bring you the news and make an appointment at your home , at the end of that week so exciting.

When the day finally came to this meeting with a friend who lives a few moments of your home .
 - Hi friend, okay ?
 - Hi Mariana ! Well , tell me the reason for joy ? But before we accommodating us!
 - Okay What happened was this :
On Tuesday , I went to school and after the break , the return to the class I was surprised by a note from an admirer in my math notebook , which for now remains a secret why not imagine who it might be .
 - WOW ! What PUMP friend ! I wish this had happened to me . You're a lucky girl .
 - Yes , I need your help to find out who it is .
   Minutes later , comes into the room , the twin brother of Sicily called Bento .
   A mulatto , handsome , young man, well optimized, well-known for his amateur way of living and dealing with their responsibilities , too big for its ability to attract young girls .
   This time , Benedict kept trying to woo Marian , but she always ignored and not giving chances , but the truth is that she felt a large part of the time , he is attracted by its devastating way to be hearts , however, always always found a way to erase those little sparks . And for a while , begins to suspect that perhaps Benedict had written those tickets, and in turn , begins to pay more attention on the beautiful boy sung .
   However , Sicily is not resigned and was advising his friend to be careful , to not let the anxiety get to know the guy , so in the end did not come to regret . Anyway ...
   Days pass , more and more tickets arrive , but Miguel , the true responsible for mysterious airplane ever near , without the poor Mariana realized , therefore, their concerns and suspicions focused on Benedict .
 - So Mariana , a sign from your secret admirer ? - Miguel asked very surreptitiously .
 - Not at this time , however , he keeps sending me notes .

Do not worry, briefly
This mystery will end
And the author will know these feelings
For I will be by your side on your birthday.
secret Admirer

After reading this message, returns the hilarious joy in the face of Mariana , because the secret admirer was promised and was already close , they would have been her birthday would happen in two days .
 - Is one of the best birthdays of my life ! - Hopeful she sighed .
   Every second that passes , the more the Mariana wish to have control of time on his hands so he could run it and stop it only on your birthday.
   Prepare to party with much care , which also has the help of her loving and caring parents and friends . Invite your friends and everything is ready and gorgeous on the day of the party, missing only happen the most anticipated moment of the party : a statement from his admirer . Mariana seems like a time bomb with anxiety .
 - It's today! - She said .
   Another who is also eager to feast is Michael . I was so excited that to calm down just commenting on what he would do with a trusted friend , unaware that Benedict , unexpectedly , also heard the conversation . This takes advantage of the database to impersonate the admirer and stay with Mariana .
 - Congratulations, Mariana !
 - Thank Benedict . How are you all right ?
 - Actually , I have a statement to make you .
 - Yes !
 - I 'm your secret admirer . I've always been , but I was afraid that recusasses me again .
   For a moment , Mariana was happy , finally have discovered the supposed " truth" and for hitting on his assumption .
   Bento advantage of the importance of the occasion and the vulnerability of Mariana , leads to a more discreet location . In those moments alone , the couple went through a mixture of emotions , pleasure, pain and joy , that made that special night , mainly to Mariana , because it was his first time .
   The Miguel loses his opportunity to speak with Mariana and can not imagine what is going on around you.
   After the warm and sublime night , Marian wakes up in his room and beside the bed , was written by Benedict , where it is useful to express their appreciation for last night and to say goodbye note.
Once you finish reading , you realize , therefore, that the letter of your admirer is not similar to that of Benedict. Amazed, decides to drive home from Sicily to speak to Benedict, when to his astonishment, it had moved to the island of Principe by dawn. Account of what happened will Sicily, which also is shocked and outraged by the news. Sicily tries to console her friend, but without success.

Upon returning home, Michael finds very eagerly waiting to tell the truth, but find very sad and uses it to know what made her that way.

Mariana logo gives a long, strong hug Michael and tells the sad story , shedding tears of betrayal and pain , trying to find solace in the arms of the faithful friend.

- What happened ? - Miguel insisted worried and increasingly distressed by not knowing what to do to help your loved one.

Marian looked like a withered rose , powerless to halt its beautiful petals , however, with sorrow has befallen him one of the most special days of your life .
 - What a bastard! - Miguel shouted very angry . How could you do this great wickedness .
 - Leave it . The blame me. Sicily too advised me to pay more attention , but I enthused me too . Was totally blind anxiety that just committing blunders .
 - I ask you to forgive me , Mariana !
 - Why ask me that? I do not understand !
 - I apologize for failing you. Should have told you just how I felt .

At that moment you could feel a sense of "suspense" in the air. A mix of anger, weakness, disappointment and pain. Mariana, poor, many things are in your head. It is then that you realize that was always close to his admirer and not the saw.

- How could you let it get that far? You knew how tormented finds looking me know what could be that person and after all it was you ?

- Forgive me. I would tell you the night of your birthday as promised , but appeared Bento and ruined everything .
   Without further ado , Mariana out there crying for your home and locks herself in the room for days without receiving visits . The Miguel goes away very sad without knowing how to act , because they feel had lost the confidence of his precious treasure.

Mariana 's parents were already aware of the event and as always , were ready to support her daughter as needed , however , it was inevitable for them not to worry about the physical and emotional state of the child. Spend days until one afternoon , after much insistence Mariana 's mother decides to get a visit from his girlfriend Sicily.
 - So friend, how are you? I was very worried about you . I came to visit you several times but you did not want to see anyone .
 - Thanks for the support , but I think there is nothing to do ...
 - There's Yes! - Interrupts Sicily . You'll get up and work for your happiness . What happened you can not change , which is you can not let that hinder your felicodade . Of course , you can not forget, but it's up to you decide if you want and how you want to be happy. And remember that we are always here to help you achieve it .
 - Thank you ...
 - Thank Me being happy. As a proverb says our " Nga Hedge, ça tagi Zá " . Then , find out who was your secret admirer or not ?
 - Well, after all , Miguel was here and told me that he was responsible for the tickets .
 - And how did you get ?
 - Ah ! I was furious with him, but in hindsight , I imagine it must have been hard for him . In the end, it served for me to understand what is it that I really love.
 - So go and call him . Do not waste any more time . Tell him you need to meet .

As agreed, the two meet and declare each other . The Michael asks her to dating and she accepts . Commitment is later formalized in the presence of their families . After some time they discover that Mariana is pregnant with Benedict , but that is no reason to separate the couple.
As for Bento, he ends up returning to São Tomé, but with serious family problems, falls ill and eventually deplete.

If married and both can achieve their dreams: Miguel to win the love of Mariana and this , to be happy .

Thus, the "ETERNAL LOVE" ends up winning the "LOVE FOR ONE DAY".

Also available in Portuguese.