· Poetry

Street Silence

Deep silence, no streets... far out, small weeds, roads and wilderness.

Shivani, in the country we do blow life.

We’d been Ridgewood kids, no face nor eyes, made it play on ambient,

changed its shadows, kept them seeing trough framed maize, graceless,

no-one ever saw its pain.

And then one day you’d hope’d we’d died, a pilot of a fucked up life

you’d called me, a pilot of no good, crashing down like a little sucker,

mind you, a little fast for a prime.

Devillocks did death my eyes though then, I’d almost taken you as well,

you’d been lifeless as it were, I never saw it, stupid as I’d dare’d.

Nevemind, we blew it now. Weren’t happy? We shot it, boom!

We’re here and free. It’s like a master scheme.

And goodness how well you ease it... rolling hills’ all I see and feel, it’s coming,

milk me lass... sip it, drip it without casts... there’s no no today.

Oh my god.

I’ll see you spawling and starless shine is what you’ll see, you’ll know it’s mine,

needy and on grass... Shivani, love me, blast me, I don’t care.

I know I’ll never make it last but today...

It’s the day you don’t remember the day you had it too fast.

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