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Here I gather links to articles, interviews, videos, etc, related to immersive experiences, transmedia storytelling, virtual reality and other types of emergent (new) media. As a convert of the VR-camp and believer we're on "The Road to VR" I thought I'd share what I think are the best experiences VR has to offer as of early 2016. And how these experiences are taking the medium forward.

As primarily a filmmaker, I've been more interest in narrative experiences (and Google stats say, so are the audiences). But I do think there are games that are fantastic in VR.

Star Chart Virtual Reality App Puts Planetarium on Your Smartphone by Elizabeth Howell on (March 9, 2016)

Media Labs working on VR experiences

The Economist Media Lab
New York Times Media Lab

Future Media Lab

LSE Media Lab

BBC R&D Internet & Future Services

Tom Standage writes about ancient social media


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