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The Sky People

The ANCIENTS crash on EARTH, starting life on our planet and leaving a spaceship TELANON.

Presently a strange STORM passes by PRINCIPE, leaving people with new abilities and some with superpowers. An archeologist in Japan discovers a STONE filled with scriptures that emits a BLUE LIGHT and subsequently becomes lost. The archenemies of the ANCIENTS known as the NIKIYATU, led by the supreme leader MALVADO arrive on EARTH looking for TELEPORTATION STONES for building a HYPERDRIVE so they can CONQUER far-away planets. Our hero J.C. SALVADOR possessing the power of NATURALISM is unaware of all this but goes after his love JANDIRA to save her from the STORM on PRINCIPE, and first to understand what’s happening, then to defend the PLANET by creating a team of people with superpowers — the PRINCIPES, together with JANDIRA — FUTUREPREVIEW; ELEVEN — SUPERSPEED; TILA — POWERLIGHT; MESARO — CALM.

The whole planet is at risk, as explosions happen in cities around the world as the NIKIYUATU go about looking for the stones spread around EARTH. Meanwhile J.C. meets SABIO who tells him about the LARGE STONE at the center of the island that is the only SALVATION from the attack. J.C. together with JANDIRA, TILA, MESARO try to find it while ELEVEN tries to save the teleportation stones from all over the world by teleporting them to the moon. They meet a guide who is supposed to know the way to enter the OBO however the guide gets killed before he can lead them. JANDIRA has a premonition about the location of the STONE while touching him. They set on a journey through the forests, while TILA lights the way through underground rivers and dark caves, JANDIRA follows her vision and J.C. fights the bad guys who appear on the way. Meanwhile MALVADO is blasting SAO TOMÉ to pieces, putting the whole planet at risk, and the villagers need to be saved from certain death. There’s no turning back.

J.C. has a dream where he remembers his anointment as a PILOT by the IMPERIAL GUARD and his encounter with his old mentor IMBONDEIRO giving him new energy and reminding him that the LARGE STONE is really the ISLAND of SAO TOMÉ itself — A SPACESHIP. In an encounter with MALVADO now worried he might lose the stones, TILA and MESARO are abducted and transported to OUTER SPACE but J.C. and JANDIRA manage to escape. Subsequently they manage to make their way inside the island and open the ship’s door. The ship is sentient — her name is TELANON — and recognizes J.C. because of the small stone with writings he carries. Meanwhile, ELEVEN teleports people from the surface inside the ship. Together the people discuss their roots and their future, on Earth? They power the engines and the island starts to levitate; TELANON flies into space. In a large space battle TELANON overpowers the MALVADO battleship and the people transported to the MOON use their stones to teleport it to a faraway galaxy. But MALVADO manages to escape. In a final battle J.C. confronts MALVADO and pushes him into a precipice killing him. J.C. and JANDIRA finally have a change to realize their attraction and make love. The PRINCIPES use the stones to activate the HYPERDRIVE and fly away to learn about the HOME PLANET where their roots are.

THE END — ♫ Nicki Mina — Starships (Explicit).

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