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J.C. Salvador's Character

J.C. Salvador (Joao Carlos Salvador) is a 29-year-old Angolan national who works as a Communication Officer at the old US military base abandoned by the Americans. His work involves relaying the situation in the Gulf of Guinea to the base in Luanda. The only officer there as this is a marginal interest (or for some other reason). Chatting at night at the computer with Jandira, Jandira and J.C. are chatting when the wave starts to approach. Jandira is the last person on Principe to have any contact outside. But there’s little she can say about what’s happening.

Childhood: His mother died while young. Took care of younger brothers. Never knew his father who left the family for another woman in Portugal.

Objective: Assigned to Serve and Protect S. Tomé from Nigerian forces and guard Angolan oil interests in the region.

Wants: The reluctant hero. Wants for the assignment to end so he can return home -- settle down, open a small coffee business, and create a family.

Needs: To be loved. To create a family.

Loves: Drinking coffee. Stays up all night. The reason why he’s a good communications officer. Cannot sleep.
Becomes friends talking at night with a girl in Principe -- a Journalist -- also always up at night writing stories for the local newspaper from foreign sources when the Internet connection is the fastest.

Achilles heel: He’s afraid of losing the girl. The worst thing that could happen to him. Not being able to get to Principe to save the girl and lose her.

Character arc: What will he learn in the story? He can not have to give up like his father -- and can save the day and get the girl.


1) Principal tension: J.C. against the power coming through the gate.

2) Question to answer: Can Salvador save the islands and get Jandira? Together with the Principians who got powers he stops the wave coming through the gate by removing the stone inside the mountain in Principe.

3) Other Characters
Jandira (meaning Goddess -- Deusa). 23. Journalist in Principe. One of the few not affected by a power -- but learns she does not even need one to save the island.

4) Moments
JC sees Jandira for the first time.

5) The Beginning
A wall of mist is approaching over the ocean from the direction of Principe. J.C. Salvador patrolling on the beach next to the base in S. Tomé calls in the event through radio but then loses contact with Luanda. He only still has contact to Principe. But only screams appear.

JC: "I never wanted to be a marine. So I got posted here on the lost island alone as a communications officer. A remnaint of a past era."


Set up camp.

I'm sorry about before.

Here is my final submission for the grade as treatment. Obviously, you don't have time to read it before class. I am going to continue writing this, but now passing to an actual script form so I can better assess the length of my writing and figure out all the actual scenes, shots, etc.

Dia 19 -- Principes Final

A Love story in the middle chaos.
League of Legends

The spaceship volently enters the atmosphere, swooshing

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