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Having all those online social networks is great. I love Quora, CouchSurfing, Twitter, Facebook. But once you meet a personal face to face you’ll soon see it relationship takes a whole another level.

So why not create a platform exactly for that.

Imagine you’re in a new city. As I often am, as I love traveling. And I’ve got my couch or AirBnb set up. And what I’m really interested in is meeting someone interesting that would tell me something I hadn’t heard before. Billions of us now live in the hyper-mediated world. And whether being notified by social statuses through the iPhone or on our Google Glasses heads up, it’s the physical experiences that we can have that feel the most deep and meaningful.

So that’s why wannalunch.

It’s the time you’re spending anyway. Lunch. So it’s very low pressure. If you don’t want to do anything else, there’s where it ends. You had lunch with someone and perhaps learned something new. So you never lose anything. You only gain new experiences.

Throughout life what never seems to go away is the curiosity and will of meeting interesting people. People at their death-bed say they miss more relationships, more connections. People put an intrinsic value on it. Yet in todays digital world we are more digital and disconnected than ever.

Wannalunch provides a space during lunch which you're doing anyway, to meet interesting new people and fill your curiosity. Fill those knowledge gaps and who know. This can lead to new partnerships and you seeing things in a new way.

Wannalunch. Never Eat Alone.

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