What I'm Working On?

I work across platforms to create media experiences that engage and move audiences.


ESL Redesign
TEDxSaoTome 2015
Elsa Figueira


Roselyn Silva




2012 The Principes [screenplay]. Writing my first feature screenplay. 120 pages of science fiction mixed with influences from Sao Tomé & Principe and Angola. Read the synopsis and treatment (80 pages) here: Principes: The Sky People.

2012 Café Pushkin [mobile web]. Web app for the premiere spot for eating dumplings in Tallinn. Targeted for Android (tablets, phones) and iOS (iPhones, iPads) and written in jQuery Mobile. I developed. Demo (open on your phone).




This year will be about completing my first film, and starting my second film, to be announced later this year.

2011 Tomé [documentary film]. An aspiring artist in a little-known country dreams of putting his work on the map of the World. As he travels around his city, meeting both failed and established artists who reveal their entrepreneurial stories, he starts to believe his own ambitions and takes charge of his destiny.

Ronny Key Roof.Still001 Tomé

2011 GoGo Island Adventure [marketing]. Consulted in creating a web-presence and social-media presence for this luxury-travel company located in Sao Tomé e Principe.

4x4 and Kayaking with GoGo Sao Tomé 4x4 and Kayaking with GoGo Sao Tomé

2011 NAP  [editing]. Edited video clips for the Estonian Young Architect award 2010 & 2011 events.


This year was about trying out more startup ideas, working with teams, and better people. I also expanded work on my African projects, and started the pre-production of my first film.

2010 Saotomeblog [magazine for travel advice]. Saotomeblog is an online magazine written by travelers for travelers about Sao Tome & Principe, an island country in the gulf of Guinea. The site is the most extensive English-language online travel resource about the country, where visiting travelers, journalists, and people working in the country tell their stories in an easy to consume blog format. I am now directing and producing a 30-minute documentary film about the country's first fashion (see above).

saotomeblog Saotomeblog

2010 Wannalunch [social dating for business]. Online startup that helps people meet for lunch on a specific topic. Good way for busy people to use their lunches as a convenient time for meeting people in areas, or with expertise, they are interested in. I co-founded. The project as since defunct.

wannalunch Wannalunch

2010 Air Baltic's Baltic Outlook [Writing]. Wrote restaurant reviews of Tallinn's best places to eat for the Baltic airline's on-board magazine, interacted with restaurateurs, and visited many foodie venues with Foursquare and Gowalla.

2010 Peeter Sauter's Pilgrimage [Video]. Upcoming documentary about the life of an Estonian actor. I location-scouted in Portugal, shot pre-production material, and contributed ideas to the screenplay.

2010 Eyes Wide Open [Web Consulting]. Online presence for the AIESEC project that brings foreign students to give classes in Estonian high schools. I developed.

2010 Regio [Video]. Short presentation video to explain a new product. I edited.


This year was about deepening my interest in Africa, and trying out various startup ideas, which failed, but taught me an enormous amount about the art of building a business.

2009 ArtBART [collaborative art in public transport]. ArtBART combines public transport and social technology for a collaborative art project. Touchscreen devices, such as iPhones and iPads unlock the creativity of people new to painting, and helps the get recognition by using public screens in transportation system, making the experience of public transport more fun. I founded, and developed.


2009 Africa On YouTube [research application for analysis of YouTube videos]. Lack of research on YouTube content in general, and content featuring African countries inparticular, leaves a gap in the body of knowledge on the development of contemporary media.Literature in both African Studies and Media Studies needs to move towards researchingcontemporary forms of expression if it is to stay relevant to societal discussions; this research is astep towards filling that gap using web technology. I founded, and developed.

Africa On YouTube Africa On YouTube

2009 StreetCream [collaborative street fashion platform]. Makes people reflect on what they wear and unlocks the creativity of street photographers. I founded, and developed.

2009 Interviews With Religious Leaders [Video]. Short documentary consisting of interviews with religious leaders living in Tallinn, Estonia. Christian, Catholic, Ukrainian Catholic, Muslim, Old Believers.

2009 Tallinn Salsa Festival [Web Consulting]. Online presence for the annual Salsa festival that fills Tallinn with international flavor and sexy dancers.


This year was about discovering myself, Portugal, and the Portuguese language. I worked on various audiovisual projects.

2008 The Madeira Road [documentary photography]. A photographic journey through the levadas (water-ways) of the island in the Madeiran spring. I photographed, and edited.

Madeira The Madeira Road

2008 ERKI Fashion Show [Video]. Reportage of the annual Estonian Academy Of Arts fashion show. I edited.

erki-moreshow-2008 ERKI Fashion Freedom

2008 Bellenden Ker [Video]. Music video for a Portuguese all-girl-band. I co-directed. Shooting with Maria Roque Dos Santos, and Federico Metelo. Read this blog post to compare the final video with the pre-production moodboard.

bellenden-ker Bellenden Ker

2008 At Home In Europe [Video]. Short documentary about the generation of solar energy at the Serpa solar power plant in Southern Portugal. I recorded sound.

Serpa Serpa

2008 Antonio [Video]. Short documentary about Antonio Dos Santos, a self-publishing Portuguese fiction-writer. I directed, filmed, and edited.

antonio-santos Antonio

2008 6Am [Video]. Short experimental video about the effects of someone playing dead in a public space early in the morning. I directed and edited.

6am 6 Am

2008 The Praxe [Video]. Short film about the psychological effects of the student initiation rituals in a Portuguese university. I directed, and edited.

the-praxe The Praxe

2008 Alice [Creative Photography]. Modern photographic version of the timeless Alice in Wonderland story.

Rabbit Without Makeup Alice



This year was about turning from photography to video, and trying my hand on first music video projects.

2007 Silk Sushi Bar [website for a sushi restaurant chain]. A long-term art project that combines Sushi with estonian illustration, and the story of a cook and a cat. I managed the client, art-directed, animated, and developed. Illustrations by Agne Lund.

Silk Sushi Bar 1 Silk Sushi Bar

2007 Fight For Fun [Video]. Short dance video set to the music of The Knife. I co-directed, filmed, and edited. Featured dancers from Tallinn University students of first year choreography.

fight-for-fun Fight For Fun

2007 Whatever U Like [Video]. Short music video set to the music of Nicole Scherzinger. I directed, filmed, and edited.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]She's-The-One-3 Whatever U Like[/caption]

2007 Land Tax [Video]. Short news clip discussing the passing of the new land tax law in the parliament. I edited.

2007 FIBIT Fashion [Video]. Short news clip reflecting on the Fashion Is Back in Tallinn event. I edited.


This year was about discovering Non-profits, and working with my first international client, that took me to my first business trip to London, that also included clubbing in the London underground.

2006 Good Deed Foundation [Commercial Photography]. Photography for an Estonian NGO that support social entrepreneurs, for their magazine Head Uudised (Good News). I photographed. Editing by Teet Kuusmann.

heategu_092405_77.jpg Good Deed Foundation

2006 Flats In London [Web Consulting]. Online presence and booking system for a London-based real estate rental service.  I managed the client, designed, and developed. Wireframing by Teet Kuusmann.

flats-in-london Flats In London

2006 HULA [Web Consulting]. Online presence for the Estonian Academy Of Arts fashion label. I developed.

hula Hula

2006 Inkasso Group [Web Consulting]. Web presence and lead generation for a small financial services company. I designed, and developed.


This year was about new discoveries, and learning Spanish. I traveled with Tango dancers, and chewed coca leaves with Aymara indians.

2005 Los Danzares [documentary photography]. A photography narrative that follows the journey of a group of Tango dancers on their way to an international dance competition in Lima, Peru. I photographed, and edited.

On Stage Los Danzares

2005 Las Pailas [documentary photography]. A photographic exploration of the Las Pailas region and its habitants during the beans harvest season of 2005. I photographed, and edited.

Close-up of Beans Las Pailas



The year's highlights were competing on a number of photo competitions, the biggest of which had me going to Old's peoples homes, hospital maternity wards, and small villages looking for the perfect shot to explain time.

2004 Time [creative photography]. A photographic exploration of what time means. One of the photographs won the Sony Talent award in Estonia. I art-directed, photographed, and edited.

9 kuud Time: 9 months

2004 Eltove [Web Consulting]. Online presence for small-business. I managed the client, and developed.

2004 Cafe-F [Web Consulting]. Online presence for small-business. I managed the client, and developed.


The year was full of freelance web consulting jobs, I was making good money for a 15 year-old.  I managed to buy my first camera, which I used to go photo-hunting around Estonia.

2003 Shepherd [documentary photography]. Portrayal of one man's life on the wild coast of Northern Estonia, tending his sheep and taking care of his land. I photographed, and edited.

Old Man's Sheep Old Man's Sheep

**2003 Silmalaser [Commercial Photography]. **
Photography for the upcoming website of the Estonian eye correction company Silmalaser. I photographed.

2003 Pathfinder [Commercial Photography]. Photography for the upcoming website of the Estonian government's website for youth on how to find your path in life. I modeled.

2003 Estonian Migration Board [Commercial Photography]. Photography from the events of the Estonian Migration Board. I photographed, and edited.

2003 Maja Nagu Vaja [Web Consulting]. Online presence to support offline sales efforts for an estonian real estate company that creates ready-made housing. I managed the client, and developed.

2003 Kalale [Web Consulting]. Online presence for a community of Northern-Estonian fishermen.

2003 F.O.B. [Web Consulting]. Online presence for a team of competitive Counterstrike players.


This year was the beginning of my journey of professional self-discovery, and finding the best ways to express my creativity for profit and fun.

2002 [Web Consulting]. Veljo Haamer's (my father) non-profit brought about the revolution on Wireless Internet (WiFi) in Estonia. The movement's story is now available in book form by Cyrus Farivar. I developed the movement's website, and the database where Wi-Fi areas were stored.

20050804-101930.jpg Veljo Haamer

2002 Nädal [Writing]. Wrote game reviews for a weekly magazine, and an online publication. This was my first paying job. I was 14.


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