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What Can We Do For A Greener Planet?

Lowering Environmental Pollution. One way to reduce carbon emissions, is to put a price tag on it. A flat carbon tax. Cradle to crave. Cities are taken over by cars. Whether we are talking about climate change, global warming, ecological destruction, impoverishment of habitat, loss of species and ecological diversity, I suggest there is something that is clearly desirable. We are passionate about creating a cleaner, sexier planet. Cleaner meaning less toxic and with smaller health risks from disease and pollution. Sexier meaning healthier.

Trying to be green is an aspiration. Aspirational green

Buy the Amazon rainforest
Grow local
Digitize documents
Sort trash
Cap and trade
Carbon tax

What are the disruptive technologies that can bring about such change?

What are some examples of working solutions? Is Jim Jannard, The Man Who Bought The Amazon Rainforest Jim Jannard, the founder of Oakley, and more recently of Red, purchased a large draft of rainforest in the Amazon a couple of years ago, a good example? He hired the local people back on the land to take care of it and no logging companies have cut trees since then.


Why We Should Be Paying A Paper Tax

Stacks of paper photo by Adele Turner.

Notes. High Tax on Paper. Why I Hate Paper. Encourage people to use electronic means of transferring information thus saving time and reducing bureaucracy. Why? It can get lost. Google Docs is everywhere with me. Typing is so much faster. Paper is bad for the environment. Text is searchable. Personally, all my books are on the e-reader. Wehatepaper.com. We can start a campaign on Facebook cause. Rise the cost of paper. Convince paper companies to make e-paper instead. So I propose a list of universities that do not use paper. At the moment there is none so we have some work to do. List of companies who do not use paper

Top 25 World Problems — Causes on Facebook

While I support those organizations I have many doubts and criticisms about their ways of doing things / tegevus. These are the areas I have read extensively about and have a positions. However there are certainly issues I am not aware of and/or do not hold a position. I would appreciate if you would bring such issues under my attention.

I may seem cruel but I primarily support causes that have a larger audience. Specifically regarding bureaucracy, transparency and efficiaccy of their projects. I care about my time and money and view each good deed as an investement. I expect to have results. Full disclosure: I am passionate about the named causes. Feel free to contact me for ventures or business opportunities in the following areas.

He hired the local people back on the land to take care of it. No logging companies have cut trees since then.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve supporyed over the years. I put it here so no one could come and say I told you so.

35 billion usd for the whole of africa per year
Put all these numbers from ngos inside that system
Investing in global stability
No crops = instability, violence
Success stories
Abolition of school fees 8usd = 30 million more children in school
Measles eradicated
Causes on the iPhone
Project funding
Currently Unclear communication
Widgets around the web “Fund building this well”
“Follow building this well”
Live web
In development causes constant feedback instead of written reports
This list does not pretend for any scientific method. I've merely hand-picked the categories into which people have put their causes on Facebook using the Causes application. Facebook: if you can provide any further statistics, this would be helpful.

Environmental Concerns

Pollution of air, lack of clean water, and soil erosion. Depletion of natural resources such as water and oil. Decreasing quality of air. Garbage and plastic bags. Stop Climate Change. Supports causes for Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Carbon Capture, Geothermal, and Wave power.

Social Concerns

Population Growth. Increasing hunger. Increasing poverty.


Internet. Net neutrality. Freedom of speech. Corruption. Freedom of the press.


Nuclear prolification. Fear. War. Dislocation.

Human Rights Wish List

Equality. Minority rights. Gay rights. Abolish death penalty. Racism. Genocide prevention.

Animal and Plant life

Animal Rights / Stop Animal Cruelty. Animal Testing. Cosmetic testing. Animal welfare. Use of fur. Bull fights. Whaling. Bush meat.  Diversity of Species. Endangered species. Extinsion of species. Dendrolagus matschiei. Protect wildlife. Rewildering projects.

Specific animals in Danger

Jangse river dolphin. Gorillas. Sharks. Sea Shells. Chinchillas. Philipine Eagle. Coral Reefs. Biomes.

Domestic Violence

Child abuse. Abuse of women. Domestic violence. Child pornography. Gun and knife crime. Sexual violence. Human trafficking. Child labor.

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