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Film Producers in Portugal

I've been looking for a place to do my internship in Lisbon, so I could finish the SaoTomeBlog documentary. So I'm sharing with you a list of the cinema, and documentary producers I've found (and am applying for).

People say ERASMUS internships are beneficial for you.

Filmes do Tejo (their website account is suspended, which doesn't look good), Filmes Telecine, LX Filmes, Outro Mundo (that's a great choice, as one of the founder, Afonso Alves has experience filming in Sao Tome), Plano 6, Clap Filmes, Midas Filmes, Blablabla Media, Take Cinema Magazine, and Help Images.

Have you got any experience with these producers? I'd love to hear some personal experiences.

Apart from film producers, I'm applying for a number of other organizations, that fit my interests and have a media production department. These include Greenpeace Portugal and Amnesty Portugal. I’ve been getting in touch with startup leaders here in Portugal. Although almost none of them know each other. People at #twitlis tell me it’s way easier to get a job at SAPO (the local ISP that seems to swallow all the talent) than to strike out on your own. The few startups that were started, came from a time of relative wealth a few years ago. Pedro Gil Candeias tells me there’s just no startup culture here. Portuguese were entrepreneurial during the discoveries, where the country was one of the largest imperiums ever seen. But somewhere on the way they lost it.

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