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Soko (The Market)

My friend Ekwa is in the final hours of crowdfunding her latest short, a comedy called “Soko” (The Market) set in contemporary Nairobi.

A father has to take her daughter on a Sunday outing to the market to get her hair braided on the same day his favorite football team is competing. But obviously things don’t work out that easily. The project is part of the Africa First 2012 class with 10K of funding and a distribution deal through NBC Universal North America already in place (so it will be widely seen) and the money being raised here is for post-production. It will be shot this June in Kenya and is scheduled to be released in November 2013.

I’ve read the script and it absolutely flies off the page, the characters drew me in, and I figuratively fell off my chair for being so highly entertained with the trials and tribulations of the father-daughter relationship in the center of the story! I’ve already bought mine and for 50$ you’ll have yourself a digital download of the film (#presale) and for 1000$ you can get your own Associate Producer credit on IMDB. There are various options in between you’ll want to check out here.

If you still need convincing, check out her previous film Taharuki below.

So don't forget, support Soko here.

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