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Primavera Lisboeta

This has been quite an eventful spring and here are some of the notes I've made.

April 11, 2012
Room For Rent

This really is one of the nicest streets to live in Lisbon. The Alfama Pingo Doce is 1 minute from the door (I checked) so you have fresh fish and bread always available. Chapito, Verde Perto, and the Amazing Chao do Loureiro Miradouro with my favorite view of Lisbon are 1 minute on the other direction. The rooms get plenty of light. There's a restaurante Eurico with grilled fish and meats downstairs in the same building so if you're tired of cooking there's a delicious meal waiting for you. I'm friendy and open-minded and have traveled quite a bit so you'll find a good experience here. There's an ATM next door, a Santomean, a Caboverdean, and Italian, a Portuguese restaurant. And at the same time you're 7 minutes from the  Rossio metro and 12 from Baixa/Chiado.

March 23, 2012
1st Week With The iPad

I was the first person in Portugal to buy the iPad.

Buying the first iPad in Portugal :D

May 6, 2012
What Are Some Ways To Make City Exciting?


This is really spooky right? A lost iPhone was found near Praça de Comercio. The phone contained strange footage and showed a German girl reported missing. In the video she says she's here to play a game. Commenters coin the hashtag #PlayLisbon. This is our 48hour launch campaign for the iPhone game.

Release 1st video. One guy who LX to play a game and disappear. Crazy trackback video comments. What's #LisbonGame? Some guy releases iPhone App.

Track with Analytics. Google+
Hashtag: #LisbonGame
Release App

We ended up winning and going to visint Google and Facebook in Dublin.

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